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Earth Angels Bellydance Troupe

The Earth Angels Bellydance Troupe has entertained
the Maui Community at special festivities & events since the year 2000.

Their intention is to honor the Earth and the Divine Universal Goddess
within us all, through the cross-cultural ancient women's ritual of Bellydance.

The Earth Angels Bellydance Troupe is a body of skillful dancers
training under Mirayah Delamar in the Art of Sacred Earth Bellydance.
This format is a synthesis of tradiitional steps, creative combinations,
and original choreography by Mirayah Delamar. It is also a language
based on symbols, sacred geometry, and rhythmical / melodic
interpretations of the music. Words of wisdom also become part of the repertory of movement,
by integrating poems, rituals, and prayers into the dance.

As artistic director of the troupe, Mirayah sets the tone and high intentions to honor the Earth as sacred, and our bodies as the Earth, through art and dance. The Earth Angels Bellydance Troupe is also a venue for dancers of the Goddess to express themselves and bring their offerings to the community. This practice not only develops dancing skills, stage presence and performance experience, but it is also a wonderful way to meet other sisters of the dance and nurture feminine energy, healing, and creativity.

It is a great honor and necessary endeavour at this time, to hold sacred space for women in our world to experience themselves,
as empowered priestesses of art, music, and dance.





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