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Mirayah Delamar

Classes now forming!
To Schedule private or semi-private classes upon request.
email: sacredearthbellydance@gmail.com

Lyrical, Flowing and Stacatto Movement
With isolation and vibrations
Extending out from the core of our being
Healing ourself and our planet
Awakening to the Earth's Feminine Wisdom

SACRED EARTH BELLYDANCE is based on core movement, rooted in traditional rhythms and music of classical and folkloric styles of Mid-Eastern dance. This ancient and innovative feminine art form is rich in texture and grace, woven by the influence of many old and new world cultures. Activate and balance vital creative energies during this class, bringing about a powerful synchronization and integration of body, mind and spirit. This class is especially designed for women, who through time immemorial have been the main contributors and supporters of the dance.

Level 1:
*Experience an excellent workout through flowing movement, shimmies, freezes, staccato accents, veil work, and soulful interpretations of traditional world bellydance music.

*Open to the mystical essence as well as the technical aspects of the dance. Reclaim and strengthen the body, one part at a time, through isolations.

* Draw upon sacred geometry and ancient symbols to understand connected movement in the body and space around us.

* Awaken the flow of energy through the chakras and enhance circulation with shimmies and vibrations.

* Learn to play traditional bellydance rhythms with finger cymbals.

* Increase relaxation and flexibility with a yoga for bellydancers cool down and with expansive /grounding visualizations that enhance the spiritual benefits of the dance.

Level 2:
A faster pace class with refinement of Level 1 techniques and concepts. More advanced work is presented, including learning combinations and choreographic elements from the Sacred Earth Bellydance Troupe repertory. Develop further as a performer and learn to dance with cymbals, veils, canes, and lights. The opportunity to dance in the Sacred Earth Bellydance Troupe may be possible upon maturity of skills.

Mirayah is available to teach private or semi-private classes upon request. email: sacredearthbellydance@gmail.com

music: 21st Century Priestess
by: Jehan

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